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ICLG: antitrust disputes 2014


Under the auspices of the ICLG was published a new edition of  Competition Litigation 2014»containing practical comparative legal information on Antimonopoly regulation in 30 jurisdictions of the world. The authors of a Chapter on the Russian laws in this area were made by the experts of the Law firm «YUST», senior partner, lawyer, PhD in law Artem Kukin, and the head of the Antimonopoly law Radmila Nikitina.

Summary the material presented in the format of questions and answers to more fully disclose the specifics of each of the legal systems of the world.

In particular, readers will learn:

  • claims that can be made in Russia in connection with the breach of competition law;
  • what is the role of the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia and what is the procedure for its actions during investigations;
  • what remedies are available to market participants and under what circumstances you can use them;
  • who carries the burden of proof and are there restrictions on the types of evidence that may present party;
  • what is in the courts, the issues of privacy, arising in the process of antitrust case, and other

in a concise form the Authors also told about the terms of the Statute of limitations and possibilities of settlement of relevant disputes before trial and after it began, as well as on the procedure for resolution of issues of judicial expenses.

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