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Silence is consent?


the Procedure and conditions for the use'clock 3.1 senior 70 APC (recognition of facts not disputed party) raise many questions from the judges and the parties to the arbitration process.

  • What ’ recognition of the claim or the recognition of the circumstances of the case - regulates this norm?
  • do Not take if it is in contradiction with the principle of adversarial?
  • How does'clock 3.1 senior 70 of the code with'clock 5 tbsp. 70, H. 4 tbsp. 268 of the code, as well as with PCs 4 tbsp. 123 of the code?

Advocate of the Law firm "just" Alexander Evdokimov answered these and other questions concerning the application of this regulation, on the pages of the journal «corporate Lawyer: questions and answers» (December, №12, 2011).

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