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The Examination of Petitions Envisaged by the Law “On International commercial Arbitration” by Russian Courts

It is unfortunate that that the Federal law of the Russian Federation “On international commercial arbitration” does not regulate all the problems arising in connection with the examination of petitions for the revocation of arbitration decisions, and also their acknowledgement and execution. The absence of comprehensive and clear normative regulation, naturally, influences the quality of the court examination: it is distinguished by contradictions and does not give the participants of economic turnover the necessary points of orientation concerning the challenging, acknowledgement and execution of the decisions of international commercial arbitration. Among others, there are still no regulations for questions relating to the jurisdiction of such cases and the amount of state duty to be levied upon the submission of petitions. The author seeks a solution to these problems on the basis of legislation and court practice.

Yu.A. Timokhov

Source publication: Economic Activity and the Law [Khozyaystvo i pravo], 2001, No.6

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