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The Principle of Unity of Economic Space in the Russian Constitution

The problem of preserving territorial integrity while according a degree of independence to various administrative territorial units is an important matter in a federated state. The author examines this problem from the constitutional principle of the unity of economic space on the entire territory of the country, encompassing, among other things, the free movement of goods, service and financial means within Russia. The article analyzes the legal norms that concretize and develop the relevant provisions of the Constitution, raise the question of how these norms are implemented in reality. The author reaches a far from optimistic conclusion: despite the fact that the Federal Constitution and current legislation contain substantial guarantees facilitating the unity of Russian economic space, the economic integrity of our state is under threat, first and foremost due to the efforts of regional and local authorities.

Yu.M. Bogomolov

Source publication: Commercial Law [Kommercheskoye pravo], 2000, No.6

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