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Uniformity of law application

 Uniformity of law application The complete article is available in PDF.

Starting on January 1st of 2015, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) will gain powers to prevent violations of the general competition rules in the trans-border markets. Greater efficiency of applied measures of protection of competition in those markets will be the main advantage of the transfer of such authority to the EEC. Instead of joint actions performed by several antimonopoly bodies, application of powers of a single international antimonopoly authority will be sufficient to protect competition.

Besides, thus will ensure the uniformity of law application in the sphere of antimonopoly regulation, and thus the situation, when the same actions are differently qualified in each country of the Union, will be impossible. Specifically, when the Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union enters into force, no more disagreements of national antimonopoly authorities concerning the evaluation of the actions of economic subjects in trans-border markets will be possible, because the single international body will evaluate them.

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