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Guarantee of Bank lending

Lawyer of the Law firm «YUST» Alexey Sidorov - for Banking review magazine.

Franchising in Russia – myth or reality?

Getting the Deal Through, a competent international edition for corporate lawyers and practitioners published a material on the perspectives of franchising in Russia drawn up by the experts of the Law Firm "YUST": Partner Evgeny Zhilin, Partner, Advocate, Doctor-at-Law Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, Advocate Denis Shumskiy.

Trade policy and regulation: Russian laws and practice of their application

Associate partner of the Law firm «YUST», Evgeny Zhilin - for the journal «Lawyer Monthly».

Reform of the CC RF gave integrity of second life

Associate partner of the Law firm "YUST", PhD Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya - for the newspaper "Economy and life".

An expert’s forecast: an increase of the amount of accusations of status companies of entering into cartels is expected in 2013

Arthur Rokhlin, Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", told the readers of the “Juridical World” magazine of the pitfalls, which had not been taken into account during the elaboration of the Third Antitrust Package, and of the branches, which should await accusations of forming cartels in 2013.

Contestation of transactions by spouses

An article by Advocate Tatiana Starikova, Head of Private Clients’ Practice of the Law Firm "YUST", and Igor Kostennikov, Lawyer of the Firm, on the subject of the possibilities of one spouse to contest the transaction executed by the other spouse was published in the Corporate Lawyer magazine (No. 9, September of 2012).

Does part 4 of Article 11 of the Competition Protection Law contain prohibitions per se?

An article by Egor Svechnikov, Lawyer at the Law Firm "YUST", was published in the “Ekonomika I Zhizn (Economy and Life)” newspaper (No. 24, 2012). The article explains whether the amount of unconditional prohibitions on agreements between economy subjects, which are fixed by the Competition Protection Law, decreased.

Mediation practice: problems and solutions

Head of litigation and arbitration practice of the Law firm "YUST" Alexander Evdokimov - for the journal "Lawyer of the company in questions and answers".

Yury Pilipenko: “The advocate’s monopoly is a natural one”

Speaking on the perspective of the advocate’s monopoly in our country, the advocates’ community strives to establish civilized rules of rendering legal services. The state becomes an active participant of the economic relations, creating huge legal staff with unbelievably high salaries in every structure. Large law firms take many cases gratuitously, feeling their responsibility towards the society. Yury Pilipenko, Managing Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", spoke on these as well as other problems in an interview for the Russian Law and Judicial Information Agency.

Yury Pilipenko: “It is especially lamentable that the judicial authority is no longer an authority, and rarely judicial”.

Yury Pilipenko, Managing Partner at the Law Firm "YUST", gave an interview to Pravo.RU. He spoke on the top of the Russian advocacy, which causes pity and laughter, on what the judicial authority has turned into, why the advocates lose their status and the most frequent causes for this, how the ethical code of the advocacy should be amended and of what the “Bermuda triangle” of the causes of its violation consists.