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Taxation for parties to special investment contracts

According to the draft law No.801288-6 “On amendments to part one and two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation” (on decreasing the corporate profit tax for participants of regional investment projects) it is planned to introduce a new category of taxpayers: taxpayers - parties to special investment contracts (hereinafter - “taxpayers - PSIC”)

Is there a reason for sarcasm?

Associate of the Law firm "YUST" Natalia Gornostay - for the New advocatory newspaper.

International Private Law: Contemporary Practice.

The collection focuses on topical questions of the practical application of international law norms: from the conclusion of external economic transactions to the examination of disputes in state courts and international commercial arbitration bodies.

Disputes Between Joint Enterprises Concerning Articles of Association in the Practice of Foreign Arbitration Tribunals

An analysis of disputes between founders of joint enterprises enables the author to define a number of phenomena promoting the development of conflicts.

Jurisdictional Competition Between State Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation and Arbitration Tribunals

The article is devoted to the problem of drawing jurisdictional boundaries between State Arbitration Courts of the RF and arbitration tribunals.

Disposal of Russian Property Located Abroad.

The problems of locating, inventory, administration and disposal of Russian property abroad is a matter of constant public interest.

The Practice of State Immunity and the Problem of Legal Regulation.

The article contains a detailed examination of the concept of state immunity, describes the practice of foreign countries with regard to claims against the Soviet

Breach of shareholder agreements and ruling the management decisions invalid

Erika Kindsvater, Advocate of the Law Firm "YUST", compares the corporate practice of Russian and German courts. The article was published at the LEXPRO law portal.

The Civil Jurisdiction of Swiss Courts.

The main aim of the civil judiciary in Switzerland is to provide support for the legal system in the sphere of private law.

The Bar in Switzerland

The Bar is one of the key institutions of the legal system in Switzerland, its main function being to maintain the link between the public and the state.